Saturday, November 25, 2006

"A-painting-a-day" on eBay

Starting from Monday 27th, my paintings will be offered on eBay. Please note!

27 Kasım Pazartesi'den itibaren resimlerim eBay'de satista!


Hanna said...

Hi Yapinacak,

I am no expert in painting but loved your blog anyways. It was the first time I had the time to read in Turkish and loved your stories too. It kind of takes one through the pain and hurdle you had to go through to start painting. Hats off for having a passion for something other than the hussle bussle of life. Your painting to my ignorent mind reflects calm and serenity. My regards to you and Fethi and keep up the amaizing work!

Anonymous said...

This is an other Hanna saying hello to my dear 'abla'. I will visit your blog every day!

Ne kadar iyi bir fikir Yapo'cugum! Harika resimler! Cok selmalar!

Anonymous said...

Great idea , congratulatıons,we want you to paint beatıful İstanbul in autumn.

Yapincak Gurerk Okyar said...

Hanna Z. I am so glad to meet you and thanks a lot for your beautiful comment. Pain-hurdle-passion. What can I say? Great analysis. Thanks a lot.

And my kardes Hanna, thanks for visiting. Great to hear from you. I'll write a longer email to you soon. Love.

And Sedef thank you...Istanbul in autumn. Accepted.

Anonymous said...


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