Friday, November 30, 2007

Ada and the Plans

The little lady, Ada, is born on july 26th, a month earlier than expected.

A new me, a new life. I am planning to have a blog about her at It will be in Turkish but you may find some photos of her there. Have a look at it in a month or so.
Being away from the paints and brushes, away from the smell of the oil and the spirits was really hard. I miss all a lot. That doesn't mean I cannot wait and I am back. But I sense that time is coming. The little lady who had all the priviledges considering the time, looks likely to lend mom some of the time spared for her soon. I believe she will. She is a well-behaved baby, lucky me.

Actually last month I had a chance to start doing things other than child-care. I had a concert with my countertenor friend Rudi (his site is a couple of weeks ago and recently I've been working on a commissioned painting. A friend of mine thought that a portrait of his wife could make a good gift for her birthday. So I am on duty again -not everyday though, but each saturday for now.

So...the palette is covered by wet colors again. Looking forward to the days of daily painting. Will be very glad to welcome you here again once I start.

Kucuk bebek dogdu. Adı Ada oldu.

26 Temmuz 2007'de hayatim degisti. Baska bir hayat, baska bir Yapincak. Hayatimi aydinlatan Ada kizimla ilgili haberleri yakinda adresinde bulabilirsiniz.

Uzun suredir sizlerden de, boyalarimdan da, bilgisayardan da ayri kaldim. O kadar ozlemisim ki... Su an 'her gun bir resim'e donuyorum desem yalan olur. Ama inanin yeni hayatin getirdigi yeni renkler parmaklarimin ucunu kasindiriyor. Tek sorun, tahmin edersiniz ki vakit. Ama zamanin gelmeye basladigini hissediyorum. Kucuk Ada uyumlu ve uslu bir cocuk ve galiba annesine, kendine hediye edilen saatlerin bir kismini odunc verecek.

Birazini verdi bile. Mesela kontrtenor arkadasim Rudi ( ile bir san-piyano konseri gerceklestirdik. Sonra...siparis bir portre uzerine calisiyorum. Eski arkadasim Hakan'in sevgili esi Meric'in portresini yapiyorum. Hakan'in hayat arkadasina dogumgunu hediyesi.

Yani boyalar kutudan cikti. Her gun olmasa da, her cumartesi is basindayim. Ve bekleyin yakinda yine burdayim.

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