Saturday, November 18, 2006

Introduction for International Visitors

Hello all. I've just realized this blog is also having visitors from other countries. Good internet! So I decided to give a brief introduction about myself.

After having spent last couple of years being active in my main profession-I am a pianist and a piano teacher, I decided to start painting again. It's hard though, after being so many years out of practice. So I am hoping this "a-painting-a-day" challenge will warm me up somehow. Last week I rented a tiny room and now I am trying to turn it into a cosy studio. If everything goes fine, I will post my first new painting on Monday, Nov. 20th. You can also find some of my older paintings in (or just click the "Yapincak's Portfolio" link in the sidebar)

Please join me in this journey and feel free to post comments and to email me any time.
PS: This painting is a studio study I did back in 1998 at Arts Students' League, New York.
(Update: As I had planned back then, everything went well and I've posted almost 50 paintings until now. In the first months I was proud of not skipping a day without a painting but lately due to "my wonderful excuse"-pls check the post of feb 2nd-I'm running a bit slow. Rather than painting daily on a regular basis, maybe it will be better for me to work on longer paintings for some time. We'll see. Thanks a lot for visiting and for the comments left to this blog. I really appreciate that. Update on March 17th, 2007)

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